Monday, 27 February 2017

What the fuck are you supposed to do

poor korin, too lengthy to type up.  but slim chance of getting house and the mortgage adviser is a pile of shite.......................i will have to complain about her.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Now I'm panicking .................

Korins house - went to sort mortgage on Saturday morning and the 'products' - the mortgage products have been pulled, so it means we now have to wait until monday to find out if the mortgage she was going for is still available.  I am so fed up with all the hassle - one thing after another, poor girl never has anything go smoothly.  we have paid £300 retainer for Solicitor and £300 deposit - money we ill lose if it doesn't go through, but more importantly she will be totally and utterly devastated if she doesn't get it. so so fed up.  Please God ................. help her out a bit, give her a break.  PLEASE

it's a beautiful little house ...................... have had to wait two weeks whilst the mortgage advisor couldn't see her - so really it is her fault if she doesn't get this mortgage.  What a nightmare.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Luna Luna Luna Luna Baby............I love you

everything is on track now - I sincerely hope all goes through for Koz

lovely little home for korin and hopefully the next phase is 2018 - we can put our house on the market and buy one similar next year.  I know Key doens't want to move but to get rid of our mortgage altogether would be fantastic.  FINGERS CROSSED.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

New photo's to scrap - our luna

Luna Rose Antoinette Birch

Welcome to our world baby, I loved you from the moment I saw your photo......born 5.2.17 at 10.32 pm at 8lb's 8oz - lovely weight, perfect in every way.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Will our Luna be here tomorrow ?

how I hope everything is fine, my beautiful Granddaughters arrival is scheduled for tomorrow.  WELL, Alison is being induced tomorrow, but by all accounts it can take up to a week after the pessaries go in ................... but I know that little Luna is so looking forward to meeting her lovely family - well I hope she is.  I hope and pray that I do NOT hear about the babys arrival via facebook though and Alis mom, I will be very upset.

But I pray that she is fine and I am so 'made up' about her impending arrival.