Wednesday, 16 August 2017

A Pocket Letter for a girl who asked if anyone would swap a pocket letter

It's probably not as good as the first one I did, but I am time limited this week - and very tired.  AND Korin on holiday from work and all I've done is shopping and walking about etc.  Had my hair done today but will not be going back £54 is a lot of money when I can get it cut for a tenner and a colour done by myself for £5 - no brainer.  AND they didn't give me a loyalty card in the beginning (ok its only 10% off) but even so I never got one, so I won;t be going back.

The pocket letter

Friday, 4 August 2017

two weeks ago Alison returned to work

And I agreed to be Luna minder for Mondays and Tuesdays - two x 12 hour days or thereabouts! I have to admit I was worried to death to be fair that I would cope with a 5 month old baby and would have preferred that Alison had returned to work in October when I thought she was going to - when Luna would have been around 8 months old and starting on finger foods and being able to sit in a high chair better etc etc.

WELL.  I needn't have worried because she has been as good as gold.  the odd day where she is a bit niggly but generally a wonderful little child, who will sit for ages just staring at the TV - but I don't like her to do that.

I have had play times with her, and I bought a highchair this week and sat her in it, although she is a bit small for it yet - for 10 mins or so to have a little playtime was great yesterday.

PLUS this week - my 2nd week the other nanny (who will be having Luna latter part of the week) was rushed into hospital with a suspected stroke - at 39 this was a terrible worry, a worry at whatever age but even more so at 39 years old.  Good news is that she is perfectly OK, but meant that I had Luna for 4 days and a total of 40 hours, I had to book annual leave from work for my latter part of week two day job at the hospital, but it meant that for the first time in a long long time i did a 40 hour week, it was like having a job as you can't just leave her.

I took her upstairs thinking I could craft for maybe half hour - took a towel upstairs to lie her down on and within two minutes she was crying - she hates being on her back !  So that was my crafting escapade stopped in its tracks.  I am sure things will get better and I will be able to get on with things as she gets older.  Lets face it 6 months has already whizzed past and so in just 3 years time she will be attending nursery.

I think I did really well at 61 and thinking I wouldn't cope - and I think she had a very happy experience here with nanna.b and nanna.b had a really happy experience having her here.  Lots of photo's - here are just a few.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

10 years ive been papercrafting

just set a challenge on Facebook on the UKS facebook pages to send 2 RAKS of 6 lots of badges for my 10 years papercrafting..............time has flown by, sad to think that Korin was only 16 when I started it - and keir would have been 20 althought I thought they were younger to be fair.  made these tonight.

Thursday, 27 July 2017

it's arrived

my badge maker - i love it and making loads of badges, although a lot of the images i have used are not royalty free so cannot resell them, whatever i am going to do with all these badges is nobodies business.  I have though also made lots from my own drawings and pieces of paper from patterned paper stacks so I can give them away as RAKS when I return inchies in swaps etc.  I don't know why i bought the machine really - although i love it and will not resell it - and make loads of badges and badges and badges, I will never use them all up.  I think I may have to package them up and sell some on ebay.  IF I can.

here are some I made the first 20 minutes of having my badge maker .................

Friday, 21 July 2017

Well I been and gone and done it

I absolutely LOVE flair/buttons - or UK Badges I should say .............. but they are expensive online for 5 or 6 around 3.99 but then P&P on top.  sooooooooooooooooooo  I been and gone and done it and ordered my OWN button/badge maker, hope it's as good as it says its going to be on you tube, I shall scream if I've shelled out £120 and it's crap.

Fingers crossed.

panicking now that I've spent that much money on another craft equipment but you can make these ......... or similar