Thursday, 18 August 2016

I am so so excited ................ I'm going to be a Nanny !

Nanny B - we have known for a few weeks now, but not able to say anything, so proud and so happy.  This is the first scan picture, unfortunately I didnt' realise how thin the plasticy-paper was they print the scan on to so you can see the double sided tape underneath.  BUT I am very excited.

Hummed and AR'd about wardrobes.

Starplan didn't come...................basically gave me a quote over the phone of nearly £2000 and I couldn't see anything of what they could do etc, so said no.  I cannot believe that people won't come out to quote and give you a plan of what they might do.  Bad service.

Then to top it all Betta Living in Tamworth - disgusting - the woman wanted to know everything including my shoe size basically and then added insult to injury to get my husband to be at the quote so they could go ahead with the buying - archaic and down right rude - told them where to go in no uncertain terms.

So DREAMS beds - they do lovely wardrobes but not fitted ones.  So I eventually have chosen a large large wardrobe for my bedroom which leaves around 10cm all the way around but have saved 'at least' £1000 as this one is only £800 plus I didn't have to buy it outright, which I was going to do - so saved pennies, had finance at just £40 a month for 20 months interest fee - wowsers all round, but hope it's nice when it arrives and looks good in my bedroom having the gap all the way around.  fingers crossed I have chosen wisely.

this is the wardrobe, well it's not, mine will be Walnut colour and mirrored - love it 

Thursday, 4 August 2016

OH my OH my !

So Keir has asked me to go help them get the house 'straight' for viewings as their bought house may be through as early as October.  No upwards chain, no downwards chain.  I love that little house and hope they'll be really happy there.

I really don't mind helping at all...................I always feel happier being involved in their lives, but at 60 I don't have the up and go like i used to.....................I hate working - albeit only 3 hours a day but with travelling in and home it's 4 hours a day, plus I seem to be at Morrisons like a 2nd home even though there is only 3 of us at home.

Anyway,  i will go and help them sort through their stuff - Keir to get the gardens up to date and bathrooms and i shall do the kichen and lounge and all the downstairs, clean windows etc etc.

Hopefully the landlord will let them out the deal - FINGERS CROSSED.

AND today, I have my gardener coming and my hair being done ....................... tomorrow Star Plan coming along to see if it is possible for me to have mirrored wardrobes fitted - hope so anyway.

Wednesday, 3 August 2016


me and korin driving home from Sutton tonight, drove under this, it was so vibrant and lovely,  makes you feel happy to see a rainbow.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Keirs little house. Love it.

wish it were mine actually

12.3 !!!!

just seen on my old blogger account that back in april 2012 I was 12,3 so haven't changed, how frustrating.

Got my new laptop.


not done an awful lot except helping keir to get a house - more news to come can't yet.

and July is over quickly has this year gone

this is my 'betwinchie' a day for a whole year - have kept up to date but struggling to do it - just seem to have lost a lot of my mojo again again again.  since I moved up to this scrap room I think - too far to walk up two flights of stairs I think - lazy cow.  

got to get back on to slimming world and lose a stone - really really really want to lose a stone.

Friday, 1 July 2016

So lost without my laptop

Hope to get a new one this weekend so I can print again and upload some pics again etc it has been awful. Have been on holiday to new quay Cornwall it was rainy but lovely and so needed ..... came home and it's full steam ahead to get keir and Ali a new home now really.  Love them can't wait for them to be settled they may have to move in with us for a while too. Just finished my more than inches for June may have to upload when I have a laptop. Anyway just a quick update.