Thursday, 22 February 2018

Happy Birthday Alison.

Happy Birthday and congratulations to you both on your engagement.  I am so happy.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Well. Hey ho - I am Happy

Keir said yesterday got to go get Alis birthday present will you come with me to help.  I eventually said yes and then was so happy to hear that he has deciced to get her an engagement ring.  OMGoodness I am so happy.  I love Alison.  AND I am so happy that he wants to make her his wife.  I think she will be really happy with the engagement ring he has chosen.  I hope it fits, but it can be resized if necessary.

Talking of getting married in 2019 - and little Luna Pants will be a flowergirl.  I cannot wait.  So so happy.

AND ...............

after many many weeks of Korin being so unhappy in her job, finally she decided to leave and got another job within a week - and she seems very happy with everyone there, and doing the job ok.  fingers crossed as it's only temp to perm but she's done so so well.

I am worn out.

Going to gym and looking after Luna.

AND being with everyone over the weekend.

Finally got a week off this week apart from 2 hours on Thursday - got to make them up at work, 2 hours and she wouldn't let me do those 2 hours tomorrow to get them over and done with.

and luna tomorrow afternoon - so I have tomorrow morning free and luna all day Tuesday but think if the weather is a little better I shall take her out into Ventura just for a nosey around the shops.

Key and I hope to go to the cinema, we may even go bowling - couple of trips to the gym and maybe a day on Friday at Ashbourne - don't know yet.  Nice relaxing weekend.

Fingers crossed everything goes well for Korin on her second week in the job.

Friday, 9 February 2018

The Gym

I never ever would have said that I would set foot inside a gym.  Well, I have, hope to keep my diabetes points down and finally get down to around 10.7 = still have 10lb's to go.  Thinking of finishing at Slimming World as I only go to weigh in and I can weigh in at home.  I do weigh in at home really don't want to regain weight.  Fingers Crossed.  5 weeks to blood tests for my diabetes.

I really really must be better.

Enjoying the gym at the moment, but don't want to be pushed into doing weights etc, really happier just doing the cardio machines - but key and korin keep pushing me.

awful pictures, no make up and tight fitting top !  but hey ho - it's gonna be looking a bit better in the future - i hope.  ha ha 

Sunday, 4 February 2018

My Darling Luna - THE most beautiful Grandbaby is 1 years old already.

I love you with my whole heart Luna.  Been a good day having had our photoshoot at the photographers, hope she's took some real good pics and I don't look too fat and old and ugly.  ha ha.

Lunch time meal at the Riftswood and then the Birthday bash with all the family - including alisons side this evening at Frankie and Benny's - which is being refurbished and is a real mess and freezing cold.

But the food was OK.

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Lunapants, nanny and granddad love you to bits.

It's been a very difficult time

for Poor Korin, and for us too - I feel depressed when Korin is depressed and she's been really bad.  BUT she got a job at DHL call centre and I just hope that she is able to stay there and keep paying her bills.  Stress relief to find out that she can actually pay her bills and we haven't (at the moment) got to pay her £1000 a month bills for the house and car and food etc.  I love her and will always pay to help her out - she knows that, but she's very stubborn and I know that she will always try her hardest to pay her bills with her own money.

Slimming World has kinda gone out the window

and I gained 2lb's this week and had an awful weekend because of Lunas birthday food etc - so probably 'at least' 3 - 4lb's heavier.  BUT hey ho...................I'm STILL exercising and enjoying it.  Joining 'The Gym' on Monday night - fingers crossed.  Hope I enjoy it.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Well Korin gave in her notice and left her job

I was real unhappy that she didn't get the opportunity to go back to the call centre that she enjoyed at Sutton park but hey ho - they take people back whom they like and as Korin said they didn't really like her.  pity because it was good money.

She's doing OK though, and desperately looking for a full time permanent job more local.  I wish her all the luck in the world.