Saturday, 9 December 2017

Well I am chuffed to bits

was hoping for a 2lb lost this week at Slimming World, only managed 1.5lb's BUT with 1.5lb's at home the first week in just about 6 weeks I have lost da da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 

                              11.5 lb's

so just 2.5lb's to a stone for Christmas, although I would prefer to be exactly a stone light at group for Christmas and get my certificate - I will not over indulge at Christmas either.  I'm not going to be exceptional (never can anyway) but I am not going to gorge myself on mince pies and cake and custard etc.

On Tuesday this week I have my blood tests at the doctors to establish if I have managed to get my points down with regard to my diabetes.  FINGERS CROSSED - I hope I have and IF I haven't there is nothing more I could have done to help those points.  I have lost weight, I have been exercising as IF it is going out of fashion, walking more, even jogging around whilst drying my hair !  Obviously watching what I have been eating AND hardly any chocolate or biscuits or cakes.  I have had the odd one.  I hope above all hope I have brought my points down because IF I haven't I think I might cave in and just go back to old habits.  I hope not.  I have had to alter a lot of my clothes from size 18 to 16's again - can't alter them back !!!  Crossing everything that I have improved my health.

Thursday, 7 December 2017

my cutie baby Luna

Lichfield shopping for nanny's handbag for Christmas

Poorly baby fell sleep on nanny 

got home from shopping bobba asleep again with her nasty cold and granddad couldn't keep his eyes open either

I love these close-ups when she crawls all over me grabbing my clothes and nestling into me for cuddles.  Love her so so much.  

Saturday, 25 November 2017

9lbs in total in just under 5 weeks

At Slimming World I have lost 7.5 pounds but a further 1.5lbs before rejoining (for about the 10th time or more maybe)!  but pleased that I feel so much slimmer already.

Hope to be down to 11stones  again for Christmas.................but at least I am near there. 

More worries in the household K is so under pressure financially, we did warn her and not getting a mortgage for so long and each time they said financially viable - now she is so worried because work is costing her so much in petrol.  Pray that she gets a new job very soon locally to save her at least £50 a month.  AND maybe a £500 increase per year would help considerably.  Hope hope hope. Stress levels are through the roof AGAIN.#

Monday, 30 October 2017

Happy Birthday Keir.. 30 years old 29th - where did the time go.

Love you always son.  Keir and Ali had a lovely day at Drayton Manor on Saturday and I have Luna on Tuesday whilst they go to Alton Towers for Scarefest - for his Birthday.

We went to Whittington Arms for his 30th Birthday meal and it was nice except for a mix up on the desserts and they weren't apologetic.

Ha ha ...................maybe another complaint coming on. 

Back at slimming World.  Stayed the same basically - can lose 10lb's or so before Christmas - hope so anyway,

Doctors tonight dreading it as I think my bloods weren't very good.

Ah well, can only do what I can do.

Will try a bit better on my food - well I have to.

Lovely meal.  Prev photo's of them at Drayton Manor.

Monday, 9 October 2017

And Korin got her new car too

Side by side Korin's left mine right - love em both.  we are happy.

cant wait till next week

holiday. but nothing booked.  was going to book the overnight stop at Coobe Abbey - but don't know if we shall have time.

Korin has booked us both a clairvoyant - looking forward to her she's £30 each so I hope she's good.

I also have the cooker being fitted on the Monday and Korin has her snagging list being done on the Wednesday.

Korin may have to take her car in and so each day we have something planned.

looking after luna today and wednesday and dentist tomorrow - tooth has been awful.  love that baby to pieces.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Keir and alis heating has broken and korins buying a new car too...................... i am so worried that she will be poor for the rest of her life.  just wish she could find someone lovely to love and share her life with - and have a bit more money to spend.  she's happy in her job, but the travelling is costing her a fortune.

Keir and ali now having to spend out on a new boiler etc.  I wish I could win the lottery and buy Ali a new car and pay of any debts they have.

dreaming away.  as usual.  love my family so much.

and little luna is just the very best thing that has ever happened to me in my life, apart from my own kids of course.  thank you Ali for this gift too.