Saturday, 20 May 2017

oh and a bit more crafting !

for UK Stampers - 6xinchies

Saturday 20th May 2017 - where has nearly have a year gone.

Trying to get back on Slimming World and end up at the Pretty Pigs for lunch - but we didn't overload our plates and didn't have a dessert so I felt quite virtuous.  maybe.

Korin had her car in the week, and it's lovely.

Settled nicely into two days a week (Thursday and Friday at work) - all day, and prepping is so much easier when I'm 'at it' all day long, did 15 clinics.  when I did mornings I was doing maybe 11 or 12 in the week.

Went round to Keirs this afternoon and Little Luna is just so adorable, getting bigger and now started on rusks too -  the joys of being a nanny is absolutely fantastic.  love her with all of my heart, I didn't' think I could love a child as much as my own, but Luna has filled my heart to overflowing, I know that sounds gushy and stupid but it's the only way I an describe it.

and we went to see how the house was getting on, she has a number on the door and the two car parking has been jet washed and looked really clean and sparkly - hoping above all hope she will be moved in by 8th June, fingers crossed.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Korin got the car

will be delivered next Friday - no more news on the house looks like the end of the month

made these for a swap on Nederlands and joined UK stampers on FB too !

Sunday, 14 May 2017

going to look at a car for korin today

hope it's ok and she likes it and she gets it etc !

no news on the house - except it'll definitely be the end of the month before handover to the housing association and then their solicitors have to do their thing to sell it on to Korin hoping it's not going to take months and months.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Lovely surprise received today ......

I knew these were on the way but didn't think the post to and fro the Netherlands would be so quick, so it was a very nice surprise when these arrived this morning............ from Wanda, we did a one to one swap of 8 protractor shapes.................and i love them them.  Thank you Wanda.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Spent a lovely 2 hours with Ali and Luna

It was so nice not just to be stuck in here - and Luna, as always, was just so beautiful.

love you to the moon and back baby Luna.

made these to swap with Wanda

I proposed to host a swap on Nederlands group.  As per usual they all came back with more questions rather than saying they would join me.  after two days no one had joined me.  To make 2 sets of 8 of protractors swaps.  send to two people.  tried to explain it as best as I could and Henny did explain it in Dutch, but the ONLY person that was positive about it was Wanda. So Wanda and I decided to do a 1 to 1 swap and i deleted the swap on the group.  I will NOT host a swap ever with the Nederlands group again,  Plus, AND I CAN UNDERSTAND WHY .......... I tend to always get the 'lightest - limsey'ist - not so marvellous' swaps back in return, yes these people have to pay the postage but I try and send the best i can possibly make to them as swaps, and get sometimes 'rubbishy' inchies and twinchies back.  This will mean nothing to anyone who doesn't know what inchies, twinchies, betwinchies, thrinchies and now protractors and mini ATC's are !  I have grown very fond of the ladies - all of them !  but I havne't been enjoying the received swaps as much just recently. Sheila who is part of the group feels the same way - although maybe not as strongly as I, and I know that Sandra from UK pulled out completely, her artwork is absolutely beautiful and she got rubbishy stuff back, it feels that your work is undervalued.  I shall stop moaning now.